Carlos Asensio


My recent work arises as a need to delve into some concepts ascribed to the most immediate context and this means representing through art the existing problems in contemporary society which directly alludes to the necesity to review the values on which the human morality is based today. Therefore, there is no better example for this crisis of values or more specifically financial than Detroit. The initial proposal presents a conductive link through the dilapidated situation that characterizes the houses of the postmodern era in that city. At the beginning of the century, this was a model of prosperity and a clear reflection of the American dream. However, it is currently a benchmark of a city that has fallen into disrepair as a result of that economic depression, something that has happened in many cities worldwide due to the globalization of these social processes. After all, this entire series responds as a whole to an elaborate reflection directed towards the effects resulting from the acts produced by humanity and therefore inherent to the human condition. In first place, starting from the economic aspect that in some way is the germ on which the project begins to emerge. Not in vain, from there other subtopics begin to appear that, without losing any relationship with the genuine concept, provide a broader vision, enriching the work and at the same time providing it with greater continuity. Thus, aspects such as natural catastrophes or the mistreatment of the criatures that populate our nature in contrast with the agents of human progress come into play.

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