Matilde Søes Rasmussen & Marie Flarup Kristensen

Denmark and Sweden

We explore questions concerning youth, love, identity, female desire, and sad flowers. We like drama and to stick our high heels in the dark clay. We are an artist duo: Matilde Søes Rasmussen & Marie Flarup Kristensen.

We both hold a BFA in Fine Art Photography from HDK Valand in Gothenburg, Sweden. During the past 2 years we have as a duo had two solo shows, participated in a group show and published 3 zines. We work with photo, video, writing, installation, performance. Our work is the offspring of an often non-verbal artistic collaboration, where care, trust, and an interest in mysterious female existences are all elements.

In our recent project “The Lookout” we went on a hiking trip to discover how close photographic collaboration might look: dressing up as each other, mimicking each other’s poses, and even remixing our facial features in post-production. It became a fanzine and a video work. The work is the offspring of our nonverbal artistic collaboration, where color, experimentation and trust are all important elements. The zine was produced for a group exhibition at Volkano in Gothenburg and was later showcased at a self- publication event at NEJD in Gothenburg.

Our collaboration allows us to go places we never could have walked alone. Through a playful and intuitive way of experimenting, we explore both ourselves and each other. From the out and the inside. Eyes tend to be like mirrors and I see your every move.

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