Vincent Laju


Vincent Laju’s artistic practice is multidisciplinary and focused on sound, particularly in the field of improvisation. He works on the notion of sound and graphic space, as well as in resonance with the different physical spaces in which he finds himself. Accumulation/Void: He works on the accumulation of sound and visual patterns as a rhythmic repetitive practice, in contrast to empty spaces, and observes at what level an accumulation can turn out to be a void.

He is interested in the realm of the infinitesimal, and how within tenuous sounds and forms, micro-modulations can create unexpected movements. He questions the relationship between images and sounds, his drawings can be seen as graphic scores that do not necessarily require interpretation. The notion of randomness, accident and surprise has led him to a “sonic and graphic wandering”, a gesture that does not aim at a result or an end, but exists for what it is, and leaves possible an interaction with the context and its unexpected. He likes also to play some traditional tunes on the cello.

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