Sergio Femar


Influenced by the nature of the street art style, his work is very aware of the matter that composes it as well as its origins. Sergio does not have a fixed idea in his mind before starting to work. It is the material that comes and connects with him. The artist observes the suggestions and lets the work flow itself. As a result, spontaneity becomes a key element when understanding the process, the features of the physical support, the colour bound to the shape or the three-dimensionality.

His project needs to be connected to current times, the outside: the painting tries to represent the present moment, daily images that cross each other, objects he finds and transforms. Sergio believes in second opportunities when it comes to work with materials. We live in a society that consumes “things” at a fast speed pace where the existing and available resources are very exploitable. This is where Sergio’s work molds to the environment and it is complemented with it as a manner to connect to the ever-changing world we live in.

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