Hyoyoun Lee

South Korea

I have a story which has lost its story. It has a subject who is missing a predicate and has no object. The story is only the subject: I, you, we, or they. This is a story of a subject with no body. Fragments of this story come to me intermittently. Whatever triggers these fragments to arrive from the past through a tunnel of oblivion makes me hungry. Cold winds. Clouds overhead. Planes passing overhead. I remember an old man who I cannot forgive. This was surely a story, but none will ever remember it, though I was the protagonist of the story—a story with characters and plot—in which memories disappeared. For this reason, the story without a story is a formless energy mass veiled in loose fabric— a silhouette, more form than the mass beneath it. I start to play with it. It is an external without an internal. It is a result without process. It is probability created by contradictions. My work therefore begins with facing a time which was once my past. It is to see time pulled out and thrown in front of me. It is to gaze at a time which was once my present. It is to recall a time which has now become the past, external to me. So the act of painting becomes one of repainting of memories from the past, in the present, dependent on the future. My work is a journey in search of lost time. It is a journey in search of lost feelings from previous presents. It is an attempt to get into the old present through memories out of time. It is bringing old feelings back to life in the present. Therefore my works are stories about the times that I have passed through, made up of my experiences and memories. My works often depict people and modern cities, and, sometimes nature. They furthermore explore the various relationships between people, time and nature. At other times, the stories and visions come from the spaces between objects and people, in other words, different ‘scapes’, such as landscapes, urbanscapes, even mindscapes.

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