Kate Corroon Skakel

United States

I create large scale, temporal installations made of paper, fabric and light, that challenge our preconceived notions of fragility, power and the ways in which we occupy space. My installations take the forms of alcoves or pathways, hung intuitively from ceilings and walls to embrace the viewer. The disorienting use of light, combined with the softness of the fabric, create a totally immersive experience that can transport people out of their own world, into a space where they can allow themselves to feel tender. My pieces are rebellions against the politics of hard power. I am contradicting the notion that space should be taken up with brute force, and instead positing that we need to make room for fragility.

When inviting viewers into my works, I am asking them to suspend their disbelief and their frustrations, and instead to be still, for a few moments.

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