Zane Prater

United States

Zane Prater´s work stems from and speaks to the relationship between people and the richly layered tapestry of the natural world. It is the lens through which the artist process the complexity of living systems and the medium through which he sculpts the cultural and physical environments we inhabit.

Weaving together botanical illustration, figurative painting, muralism and land-based installation art, Zane Prater engages with the realm of our mythopoetic identities, in order to examine and reimagine the narratives that we inhabit, inherit, perpetuate, or dismantle.
Drawing from the fields of deep ecology and humanistic psychology he offers a window through which to heighten the awareness of and connection to the earth beneath our feet, as well as, to the higher reached of our own human nature.
It is a search for how we, as humans, might uncover a more wholesome mode of engagement within the realm of inter-being, and to live, ever so slightly, closer to things and to the possibilities inherent within and around us.

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