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Applications are now open for residencies starting in April 2021. The deadline is June 30, 23:59 (CET)


Before you apply for a residency at GlogauAIR in Berlin please read the following guidelines.

// Language

The main language in the residence is English.

// Visa

If the artist comes from a non-European country, he/she has to go through the process of obtaining a German Visa valid throughout the time of residence. We offer our collaboration by writing a letter of admission.
For general information about mobility check

// Expenses

The artist must take responsibility to pay individually for the costs of the studio prices and insurance, transport and travel expenses. Normally the artist will look for a grant in his/her country to finance all the costs, although GlogauAIR will do everything possible to facilitate the search for financial aid, i.e. sending a non-binding letter of invitation that endorses the decision of the artist. As a starting point, here you can find a selection of funding programs.

GlogauAir is always looking for sponsoring partners to develop grants for artists and support the activities of the residents.


// Jury

A jury formed of professionals from the Berlin art community will choose the admitted artists and the decision will be communicated by e-mail only to the selected artists one month after the application deadline.

// Residency Duration

Residency duration of either 3 months or 6 months only. Please indicate the residency period and duration on your application.

// Expectations

Artists are required to present work and attend each Open Studio within their residency period. Lack of fulfillment of this condition can result in charges equivalent to the whole rental deposit guarantee at the sole discretion of GlogauAIR.

// Residency Fees

Accommodation 600 € / month
Open Studios, Program and Technical Support Fee  1.500 € / quarter (paid 180 days in advance)
Minimum cost of the program (One artist 3 Months) 3.300 €
Deposit guarantee 1.000 € (paid in two installments)

Second artist +100 € / month (Only for artists with a proven track record of working together as an artistic pair).


Please note that the application procedure is competitive. Candidates will be selected at GlogauAIR’s sole discretion approximately one month after the application deadline, following the results of the selection committee. If selected you will receive a confirmation email and further information regarding the next steps to confirm your residency with us.

1) Successful candidates will be notified via email. They will be sent a draft copy of the contract and will be required to provide additional administrative information in order to formalise the contract as well as be required to make the initial payment of the deposit and the curatorial and technical support fees.

2) Candidates will only be considered as fully accepted residents once they return a signed copy of the contract, we receive the full payment of the deposit and the curatorial and technical support fees and where applicable all financing and visa requirements have been fulfilled.

3) All payments will be made via bank transfer, no cash will be accepted. Any bank charges such as money wiring fees will be paid for by the candidate before arrival.

4) An administrative and processing fees of 100 € will be applied to cancellations received up to six months prior to residency begin. Cancellation fees of 500€ will be applied to any termination notice given between three to six months prior to the beginning of the residency period. Cancellation fees will increase to 1.000€ thereafter.

5) The deposit guarantee will be returned in full to the artist should there be no damages or other encumbrances upon check-out at the end of the residency period.