Residency Program

Taking part in a Residency at GlogauAIR in Berlin, 13 international artists, with diverse social and geographical backgrounds, will receive curatorial support, technical support and develop their work in a dynamic community. At the same time they will get to know a new culture and landscape, getting influences from Berlin, renowned for its contemporary culture.

During the Residency each artist will live at GlogauAIR’s Studios, having the opportunity to completely immerse themselves in a creative process as well as share ideas and opinions with the other artists in residence.

On-line Program

GlogauAIR’s On-line Program is open since March 2020 to all nationalities and art disciplines. As much as we love creating and being together, in this time of the COVID-19 pandemic we have added a virtual option of our residency program. We bring artists together on-line: to discuss, work, collaborate and be engaged and inspired.

The program includes curatorial support, regular group meetings, talks by experts and workshops. The artists are asked to work from their homes or personal studios, using material they can source.

GlogauAIR is a space for all types of artists. We welcome applications from all around the world and various backgrounds and artistic disciplines. The applications are reviewed by GlogauAIR's team which is comprised of local and international art professionals.

Artists are encouraged to apply and to seek funding opportunities, of which there is an extensive list of relevant ones on our website.

We currently don't have an Open Call, if you are interested please:

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Applying to the Residency

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