Open Studios

Every three months, at the end of the Residency Program, GlogauAIR opens its door to the public with the Open Studios exhibition. Visitors are invited to approach the final pieces that the artists have been working on and engage with the artists first hand.

With that purpose, the On-site resident artists in Berlin transform their studios into an exhibition space. Furthermore, since we established our on-line Residency Program, the Open Studios exhibition has also been expanded to a virtual edition, which is hosted on our website. These two complementary Open Studios allow our on-line and on-site artists to expose together the result of the work carried out in artistic dialogue during the quarter.

Sharing the Open Studios event, the Project Space hosts an exhibition from an invited artist from Berlin -Berlin Guest- or from collaboration with Institutions -which can curate either a collective or an individual exhibition- or Curators, adding value to GlogauAIR’s project by providing exchange and dialogue.