June 2020

From June 19th to July 5th 2020, GlogauAIR opens its virtual doors to art lovers and enthusiasts from all over the world, inviting them to virtually visit 10 studios of contemporary artworks by GlogauAIR’s 12 resident artists from nine countries across the world, including the work of Berlin guest resident artist duo Kovács/O’Doherty.

The works seen here are the result of three or six months of intensive creation and production at the GlogauAIR studios in Berlin as well as studios all over the world. In spite of their global dispersion, they now come together and offer an immediate connection and direct engagement with creation for an international audience.

Current artists



Friday 19th, June

19:00h (CET) // Launching [Virtual] Open Studios // June 2020

19:30h (CET) // Showcase – IG Live Talk // Ian Jehle


Saturday 20th, June

20:30h (CET) 14:40h (GMT-4) // Live Ambient Sound Set // Oceanic States by Elisa García de la Huerta


Sunday 5th, July

19:00h (CET) //  Finissage [Virtual] Open Studios // June 2020



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