Eitan Ritz


Eitan Ritz is an artist, dancer and composer interested in bodies as sites of congealment and memory. Repetition of the circadian foments a certain movement, sound and feeling through rhythms. Bird songs resonate while you walk through the streets, the voice of a loved one is your holding pattern.

Ritz attempts to understand these process’ through an investigation into granular moments in movement and sound from his every day. This is a heuristic to rearticulate and recast his personal experience and investigate feelings and beliefs that surround us as we live and play in the world. After spending a year studying the dance compositions of Noa Eshkol through the Eshkol-Wachmann Movement Notation at her home in Israel, Ritz gained an introspection into the experience of the moving body. This attenuated his observations to the micro gestures and sounds that are layered within the body, which he draws on throughout his work.

In addition, having recently completed his Master’s in Applied Linguistics has allowed him to recontextualise dance and sound through the lens of language. This has opened up exploration into the signifiers laden within the body and voice as we communicate and present ourselves.

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