Land of YZ


The processes of circulation and transformation are substantial for Land of yyz. By catching the balance and following the harmonic flow of spiritual sources of information finds are discovered. Exploring the slavic and pagan roots, digging deeper into myths, legends, stories and ancient beliefs some possibilities are opening and giving us an opportunity to get closer to the creation of an ethereal, multi-layered halo. Resonating with the received samples and streams, collecting and examining them, then transferring into objects, gently stacked ambient music, scents or pictures. Created space is a place where the exchange of thoughts and energies can occur and answers will follow. It is important to form things with care, using the zero waste materials such as cassava, egg shells, rice, agar, flax, herbs and ash ;second-hand items received or donated by someone also often appear; because there is no physical matter which will remain for a long time here. Thus, everything will decompose and blur into the earth sphere. Dissolution and dematerialisation through combustion are the processes of creation which are the gates through which Land of yyz meet their subject. By brought compassion, understanding, honesty and care, the sense of relief and peace could be found inside.

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