Gabriel Ribeiro


Gabriel Ribeiro’s practice frequently explores the possibility for dialogue between video, photography and sculpture, while embracing frictions that erupt in their articulation. Through these mediums, he has been concerned with a kind of liminal tension present in ambiguous states where meaning can be sustained, dissolved, or created anew. This speculative approach is activated by a series of devices that summon a certain obscurity from the material world, capable of producing unintelligible effects, often classified a monstrous.

Silicones, agar-agar, wax and petroleum jelly are key substances that act both as signifiers and performers of this capacity to transform, decay or develop. By embracing speculation his practice refuses to outline a definitive solution to particular interrogations. Instead, it lays out a series of propositions that seek to gape at, critique and re-imagine humanity’s relation to wordly matter and the designated supernatural.

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