Hannah Stoll

United States

Hannah Stoll (b. 1997, NYC) was raised in rural Vermont where she first learned to paint in oil. Following curiosities about the natural world, she obtained a B.A. in Organismal Biology and Ecology in the spring of 2020. Though this experience shaped both her perspective and methods of thought, after graduating she quickly redirected her efforts towards pursuing a career in the arts. While living in a mountain town in western Colorado, Stoll began working for artists and creative nonprofits while taking up a studio practice of her own. She has exhibited work in various galleries in Western Colorado, Denver, and Vancouver, BC.

Stoll’s paintings have been linked to photography from the start, though the relationship between the two mediums has evolved over time. Because her practice was born in the wake of the pandemic, she has a persistent interest in the role of technology in the way we socialize and see ourselves. Her paintings are often conspicuously painted from photos, existing in a balance where technology is used as a tool, with one’s immediate reality and company taking precedence every time.

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