Meet the artist // Hannah Stoll

“My current paintings are based off of my own photography of daily life. They concern memory, nostalgia, relationships, and gathering places.” Hannah Stoll

What’s your name and where you come from?

Hannah Stoll, VT, USA

How did your artist journey begin?

I have always spent time drawing and painting, but I did not begin my regular studio practice until the
summer of 2020 in the wake of the pandemic. I started oil painting out of a need for creative
expression and the meditative headspace it gave me. At first I was very interested in portraiture and
practicing formal technique, but through exposure to various art communities this has evolved into an
interest in using paint as a form of personal, wordless communication.

Do you find inspiration in real-life situations and moments you experienced?

Yes, I am often inspired by visual events in my life. I take a lot of photos and interpret my experience
of these moments through paint.

What is your process? What are your overarching themes in your artwork?

My process is changing a lot these days, but generally an idea for a work begins with something I see
in the world that sparks a connection in my head to themes that resonate with me. Because I am a
visual mental processor, I often have ideas about color and composition before I know what the
subject matter will be. I take photos and videos and use those as reference material, sometimes
painting a composition quite literally and sometimes creating a composite or abstracted painting only
loosely based on the photos. I use oil paint and mix my colors from a limited selection of primaries. I
am very drawn to texture, layering, loose and quick line work, and subtractive techniques. My work
tends to depict people and the built environment, speaking to the way people interact and respond
emotionally to experiences.

Do you think your art has evolved being in a different environment E.g. Do you
think GlogauAIR / being in Berlin has influenced your work?

Yes—I have not spent time in a city with as much opportunity to see art as Berlin, and have loved the
chance to draw inspiration from the overwhelming amount of creativity here. Talking to local artists
and the other residents and about their work and their life experience is helping me develop my
creative practice as well as better understand practical options for working as an artist, I.e. school,
funding, etc. I have done a lot of experimentation here and have been able to expand the way I see
my practice in a way that feels very exciting.