Showcase // Elena Urucatu & Carlos Maté

From the 06/04/2021

until the 13/04/2021

Blank Page, 2021
Books, drawing, Ultraviolet

At the beginning of the residency, the project is still a collection of ideas, references, plans. A mental diagram that has not yet taken shape except in the pages of our notebook. Nocturnal thoughts in the form of diagram lines, sketches, concepts… an interconnected drawing that is not a final image, but the possibility of it.
That’s why the showcase is a blank page during the day which, as Berlin, takes on another life only visible at night, a POSSIBILITY. A mental map of the journey we have already begun in order that ideas come to life, leave the nocturnal two-dimensionality of the notebook and acquire daytime reality.
For the moment the showcase allows us to enjoy that perfect state of possibility and night, wonderful for its attractiveness and dangerous for the charm that traps you forever in the melancholy of its indefiniteness.