Meet the On-line Artist // Ioanna Lamprou

Introducing Ioanna Lamprou (@ioannalamprouart). Rooted in collage principles and composition, Ioanna’s work explores sustainable design solutions and the use of structural timber in construction. Her drawings capture the evolution of design proposals, playing with geometrical elements and primary wooden structures.

Ioanna’s vision blends architectural test models with graphite hand drawings, introducing you to a world of design possibilities. These three-dimensional structures, depicted in various geometric orientations, take on new life, showcasing a multitude of modeled opportunities.

Currently, Ioanna is revisiting a project she embarked on during her university days, where she’s exploring the intersection of art and architecture with an installation proposal. This project is a response to architectural visualization challenges. It delves into the intricacies of space, examining the interactions between public and private sectors and how socio-economic factors shape the cityscape.

With this project, the artist also seeks to disrupt heteronormative spaces by exploring the relationship between sexuality and the built environment. It takes inspiration from architectural movements that have historically resisted the suppression of queerness and instead promotes emotional resonance for the occupants. Through intricate designs, Ioanna challenges the rigid boundaries of central Manchester’s architecture and encourages fluid, dynamic uses of space.