Slick Strings




8th of September, 19:00h to 21:00h

Performance by Lena and Gonzalo Becerra – 19:30h

Sound Set by Marco Dvorak – 20:00h

Free admission


Slick Strings is a performance that interweaves the practices of Gonzalo and Lena Becerra. This piece captures both the fluid movements of contortion and the dark, mysterious nature of the liquid. It explores the duality of an internal metamorphosis that pushes the performer andthe space around him.

The implicit pact we hold with memory is that we accept its mystery: a hybrid of fluidity and fog, both sinister and sublime—an uncontrollable entity.

In their upcoming collaboration, visual artist Lena Becerra submerges her recent experiments with synthetic materialities within the depths of the subconscious. Summoning a performance simultaneously hypnotic and repelling, she invokes Gonzalo Becerra’s contortionist practice alongside a live set by sound designer Marco Dvorak.

Through a soundscape featuring urban field recordings, distorted basses and sacred melodies, the trinity will induce its audience into a suspended state devoid of time.

by Julieta Colantonio



Gonzalo Becerra is an Argentinian multidisciplinary circus artist whose practice focuses on dance trapeze, contortion and mouth hanging.

Lena Becerra is a multidisciplinary visual artist, currently in residency at GlogauAIR investigating and exploring a restorative and imaginary work of a space of absence, as well as notions around the sublimation of imposed structures.

Marco’s work, currently in residency at GlogauAIR, is widely influenced by his background in digital media and music. He uses a multimedia approach to express himself through design, animation, creative coding, and sound composition to build immersive soundscapes enhanced by digital projections.