Lena Becerra


Fragmented, mistaken, mutant, memories raise from those dark holes in the plot and materialise in the present narratives as a multi layered organism.

Lena’s work explores a restorative and imaginary work of a space of absence, through the idea of pleats and fissures in memory and trauma.

The area of her research revolves around abstract / possible approaches on a social hatch and, in particular, to the exploration of the sensitive layers of xeno-feminism*
(borders between the human and the n on-human, technology and nature, gender, and a state of constant mix) as well as cultural decolonisation through personal experiences of collective awareness.

Through the use of video, installation, textile, sculpture, performance, found objects and printmaking (and other mediums) Lena intends to reflect on the complexities of the world she inhabits, with the intention of addressing a dialogue between personal and collective memory and trauma.

Currently living between Melbourne and Berlin, Lena continues developing work from an intersectional feminist, decolonial practice perspective and her own experiences as a migrant.

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