Showcase // Lena Becerra

From the 26/09/2023

until the 03/10/2023

Die Organprojektion, 2023 

Installation piece. Glass, threads, silicone, steel, pump, pigmented water

76cm x 170cm


Lena Becerra is a visual artist from Argentina working across multiple mediums. Her practice revolves around poetical approaches on a social hatch and, in particular, to the exploration of the sensitive layers of xenofeminism.  During her 6 month residency at GlogauAIR, Becerra is developing a project called “Metameria”, where she explores the idea of a flexible contorted body shape, investigating the resistance of soft organic objects made of resin, ceramic, glass, latex and silicone, and the tension/ resistance created with self-made and found metal artefacts such as forceps, clamps, pincers and chains. These compositions or assemblies of the mutable, narrations of the past, are impregnated with actions of the present and are intended to expose the fragmented shape of a memory. Often mutilated and melting, about to disappear or as if an external force was pushing them to transform from the inside, these pieces seem like unrecognisable versions of something that we know. Just like it happens with the images from our past: fissures and folds converge on them. Hollows from which to inhabit the void and the collapse.