Esteban Patino


My work involves exploring the multitudes of language creation and perception. Spanning sculpture, collage, and painting, I investigate the transmission, reception, and creation of arbitrary forms and semiotics that permeate my work. In order to consider these questions I created a system of symbols that are based on 6 characters, each of which rotate on their own axis 4 times to make a total of 24 characters. With these shapes—which are an alphabet that creates the illusion of language – I play with word structures by creating text based pieces , such as speech bubbles, palindromes and metaphors to represent how we understand written and visual language.
Aesthetically, each iteration of my language study is distinct: my sculptures are systems of repetition , seeking symbolic approximation to atemporality and the possibility of universal shapes; my collages are humanoid bricolages, amorphous inquisitive monsters that portray the complexities of time and human existence; my paintings are deeply intuitive forms that awaken on the canvas, sometimes producing a sort of mythical beings or entities they aim to bring into existence the representation of timeless activities and timeless interactions.
However distinct, these styles are deeply in concert with one another—forming my praxis and pushing to me (re)consider the multifarious nature of words as symbols with infinite idiosyncratic interpretations as well as the human mark in our landscape .

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