Alvaro Rodríguez Badel


Alvaro Rodríguez Badelr is an artist and film producer based in Bogotá working between the arts and film industry. He works with digital mediums that stand between arts and technology intersection and five years ago he founded +Play, a creative technologists studio. From that time, he has been working for more than five years on emerging technologies like virtual and augmented realities, as well as installations and artworks which include light and interaction.

Alvaro creates interactive installations, artworks, projections, full-dome experiences underlined by the ideas of algorithmic art. By exploring the relationship and the techniques that are born while working with new mediums, he investigates how the essence of the image changes when it is digital, when you get immersed in them, when they evolve over time or when you can interact with art. One of his favorite artists is Sol Lewitt and his idea of art being made by commands or instructions. He is a firmer believer that ultimately art depends  more on ideas and invitations in order to understand it as a dialogue or a conversation than a perfection of a craft or a technique.

In addition, he loves to work with what we understand as the real world, with humanity and nature. The landscape, the understanding of nature and its systems have always been a conceptual ground to start a new project. He is also a documentary filmmaker and director of  “Modelo Estereo”,  a feature documentary film that has been screened in  festivals in France and in the Colombian film festival in New York.

Currently, he is working on a second documentary film. called “Seventy Two”. This type of work is also related to his background since the film is for him an art that uses time and technologies at its purest state. Finally, he is always trying to do personal projects, working on commercial content in order to be financially indepedent. This is also the reason behind the commercial projects in his personal webpage. 

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