Neda Kovinic


In my previous work I have been continuously questioning how body politics, social relations, power structures and ecology are inscribed into bodies and how this in turn shapes our movements in space. The climate crisis, political disorientation, distrust in media language, geopolitical crisis and the permanent war are mapping the circumstances in which I create and towards which I relate to in my artworks. In contrast to the “dark sides of contemporaneity” I suggest creating performative communities, a collective research process and processual approach.

My work consists primarily of participatory performances by artists with different practices and experiences.
I place great emphasis on the principles of fair practices, including the capacity for care, empathy, and closeness. I explore body movement exercising on my own in the context of the spaces or I involve local people and the immediate environment in which the group works and holds rehearsals – be it a forest area, an old building complex with its historical references or a new urban landscape. My exhibitions document the process of collective research in the form of an artistic installation. I often use body movement, drawings that I make during the process as well as writings as part of poetic-theoretical narratives in the performances or I edit field recordings into films or sound files.

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