Fuentesal & Arenillas


Fuentesal & Arenillas making a research project based on their dual experience as creators of antagonistic ways and the movement study. From expanded sketches and through deterritorialization, they have worked with drawing materials which have been deprived of their original function and given a new concept, keeping matter parallelisms but displacing all their components to a new territory. Their works describes the periodic movement of their artistic work, experimental cycle and constant quest. They narrate the reality acquired through their life, journeys, work, time and training processes as a reflection of their present time. They are interested in the idea of adaptation, deterritorialization and holism. Speaking of deterritorialization necessarily redirects them to the work of two philosophers, Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari, who use this concept in their philosophy and for whom it has a particularly positive meaning: openness towards the new, the escape line as a moment of departure from an old territoriality, and the construction of a new territory.

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