Kate McElroy


My work highlights the unsustainable space between capitalisms constant need for growth and the incipient sense of destruction of the natural environment and our human experience. Through correlating different media that spans across places and times I question the interlinked nature of our current conjuncture.

My practice interplays photography, moving image and sound elements, found materials, and spoken word performance in correlated, dynamic installations.

I capture a place in process and precarity, simultaneously constructing and deconstructing. A sense of flux is contrasted by a sense of slow observation. I am interested in the intermingling forces that affects our environments and actions.

I capture elements on the edge of abstraction, stretching the usual parameters of perception, creating a space to reconfigure. It highlights a betweenness, where definitive boundaries dissolve. Through this, I prise open a gap. An opening, to consider an alternative__

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