Tea Eklund-Berglöw


In my work I’m interested in the silent language of gestures. The fragility of perception, stories within objects and materials and the presence of thought that they carry.

I work with left behinds, traces as clues, like tags, not wanting to be forgotten. Traces of situations indicating movement, attention/intention and the lack of it.

About one thing leading to another. Taking it step by step. Trying to get it, letting it get there. Like a sort of whisper game (telephone game).

I’m occupied by the way we project emotions and thoughts into objects, materials and shapes. In this I try to shift the gaze so the objects rather are looking back at the viewer, creating situations of meeting yet confrontation. It’s about arrangements and compositions where the objects speak for themselves and to each other in relation to the viewer, opening up for different ways of looking at and reading what’s around us.

My works are intimate depictions of ways of viewing and dealing with our everyday life surroundings. I want you to want to come closer.

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