Evgeniya Korkunova


Evgeniya Korkunova, 1984, born in Moscow region, Russia. 

An artist, photographer, working with contemporary photography, personal projects, still life artworks. Also expresses herself working with handmade installations, basically made for the pictures.

Evgeniya started as a street photographer, so it formed her perception of color. 

In 2018 studied in Moscow school of contemporary photography, graduated in 2021 and since then actively worked as an art-photographer.

Since 2020 entering an international art community “Photozhir”, works as a resident and competitor, takes part in photographic contests, held and sponsored by different companies (Yandex,Adidas , and others), collective art camps.

Started with her personal project “I AM”, exploring the essence and identity of being young, representing her 18-year niece as a hero, metaphorically depicting herself in this way. 

Now working at the  project ‘IN BLOOM”, reflecting the issues of so called “new naivety”, romanticism of youth and its’ fragility. 

The new current project, that is developed by the artist  at Glogauair residence is called “Gemini”. This is the research of a personal experience of traumatic separation that artist is  going through these days. Represented by series of pictures (including nature installations, portraits, self-portraits) and video.  

Artist’s style is sensuality, tenderness and minimalism, accented by the way she works with the light, pastel, pure color and female image. 

 When interacting with still life objects, sometimes the artist uses  them as main characters, sometimes involving them into the theme of the project (or idea) as supportive symbols, metaphorically.    

“When I start working on my projects, it seems I let it go, following my sixth sense, inner feelings, so it comes from within. And this is how it works: it just lives its own life and I continue as a spectator…” 

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