Jun Homma


Growing up in a residential area near Tokyo, my childhood memory originates from the landscape of urban development and rapid changes. The nature that still remained changed to anonymous, homogeneous and desert scenery by human desire as the driving force of development. It seemed that the memories of the scenery there once remained like invisible afterimages in the margin left behind. This is the scenery against which I tirelessly projected my imagination, and this memory is what has shaped me of today. In the first place, the world seems to be made of countless invisible elements. For example, elementary particles, radiation, electromagnetic wave, energy, all those scientifically studied discoveries. Time and space, some sign, an atmosphere felt between people each other, those which come out of conceptual ideas or consciousness. Moreover, in the history, institution, social structure, it is the power which does not come out in the table in many cases.

Since the ancient times, invisible elements have played essential roles in the formation of culture and beliefs in Japan. The unique concept of ma in Japanese, for instance, recognizes the presence of time and space within an empty space, which has significant influences on visual arts, music and theatre. However, invisible elements are becoming more forgotten in this contemporary society, as more and more information is turned “visible”.
My artistic practice explores various invisible elements surrounding our contemporary life, and attempts to reveal the relationship between the invisible, time, society and nature by using imagination.

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