Kayleigh Maimaran

Germany and Ireland

My practice combines different mediums such as video, 3D animation, sculptural elements and sound. I’m interested in the connection between the subconscious mind and space and how installation art can be used as a tool to draw attention to mental health, through 3D animation, sound and sculpture. Looking at the idea of a psychological space from a ‘Feeling Space’ point of view, I aim to visualize an invisible place that goes beyond the measurable world.

My most recent work Beyond Liminal explores a luminous psychological space through an immersive light landscape by combining 3D-video animation, sculptural-light elements and sound, to invite the viewer into a transcendent place afar from our fast-paced everyday environment.

Using light as the primary medium, the installation aims to impact the observer’s sensory perception, as large-scale lightboxes and the moving image play with geometrical shapes, architectural structures, as well as an arrangement of monochrome and multicoloured light to extend the room visually. In addition, an acoustic creation of space with ambiguous qualities enhances the concept of a place that goes beyond our meanable world.

Based on the negative effects of long-term stress on a physical and mental level, the work gives a counterexample of our overloaded day-to-day life and investigates the idea of a luminous subconsciousness ‘feeling space’, aiming to leave stress behind by constructing a visual and auditory experience that seeks to visualise an invisible psychological space that seems to be somewhere in ourselves and yet beyond.

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