Sona Bayrami

Iran and United States

Sona is a multi-media artist, her work is mainly inspired by events and realizations in her daily life. Going to school near New York City inspired her to take part in the school of abstraction using color theory and action painting to create big scaled, dynamic paintings.

She moved to Berlin two years ago to explore the art scene and find new inspiration. Her current work is inspired by; her asking questions such as human beings’ purpose on this earth? how do our energies influence one another? how are we connected? And how do we take part in this exchange or what matters the most? She sees the female energy(mother-earth) as a vital part of her connection to the bigger source(bigger picture). Her paintings explore the female figure in a landscape without any clothing or categorization.

Representing this figure in such as setting is also a symbol of a “safe space” where she visualizes herself. Creating this “dream space”, this state of freedom and expression comes from her imagination ad how she visualizes peace and freedom. Sona attempt to open the conversation about the importance of going inward and exploring oneself mind and psyche, on a personal level and also as a way to connect.

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