Eunhee Hong

South Korea

My name is Eunhee Hong. I was born in Korea and studied graphic design. After I worked as a designer for a year, I went to London to do MFA painting course. Mainly I had done a design work of flat images on computer. However, after I knew the materiality of painting, I became to interest in different recognition of medium and experience of a space. Nowadays I work without limitation of the medium and do an experiment of painting on real space.

As I have met many people from other cultural background since I studied in the UK, I was more interested in social status of woman and woman’s right in Korea. I could not recognize easily about woman’s disadvantage from social suppression when I was in Korea. My work is related to how social pressure can get woman to be passive.

Now I am currently in Korea. However I want to have opportunities again to do research for social status of women having other social background and share my work with people from other country in Berlin. I think GlogauAIR have a good support for artists to focus on work, so I apply your residency.

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