Gonzalo Morales Leiva


The body of my work is based on analog photography, video, scanner, graphic media, drawing and collage, to resolve questions derived from my reflections on the materiality of the contemporary city, Latin American history, the history of photography and art. Attracted by geometry, color, weft, ruin, objects considered remains or debris, I archive the urban experience to compose discourses of fragmentary aesthetics.

The decontextualization and appropriation, both of urban elements and archival images, is recurrent in my work and responds to my concern about what is my own and what is not, what is individual and what is collective. I am interested in reconsidering the official narratives, decomposing them and formulating a personal version.

I am currently working on the analysis of my analog black and white photographic archive, with the intention of translating its visual characteristics to works created in other media such as drawing and sculpture, with the intention of experimenting in the creation of art installations that allow me to unify my interests in poetry, writing, space and materialities.

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