Showcase // Gonzalo Morales Leiva

From the 18/10/2022

until the 25/10/2022

Title: Afterglow.


4 MODULS OF 70 X 40 CM.

Charcol and graphite on paper.

Ashes on the bottom of the showcase.


“Writings of light assault the darkness, more prodigious than meteors.”

Jorge Luis Borges


I am Gonzalo Morales Leiva, visual artist from the city of Talca, southern Chile.

My art practice involves photography, poetry and my reflections on the materiality of the contemporary city. I have an archive of black-and-white analog photographs taken from cities that I have lived and visited around the world. I constantly analyze my archive and translate its visual characteristics into other artistic media such as drawing.


Afterglow is a charcoal and graphite drawing on paper part of my research on how to expand my experience in drawing through performance using my hands and feet to get in deep contact with the fundamental materials of drawing.




Instagram: @_gmoralesleiva