Showcase // Lotte Louise de Jong

From the 09/07/2024

until the 16/07/2024

Untitled, 2024
LED matrix display, connected to a raspberry Pi LED matrix display, connected to a
raspberry Pi shaping
1300 x 160 mm

The LED matrix displays recent listings from, a prominent real estate website in Germany. This work is part of a larger project exploring the complex interplay between digital desires and the intangible aspirations of homeownership within a financialized housing market, where the dream of owning a home becomes increasingly elusive. Every 10 minutes, a script scrapes for new houses-for-sale in Berlin, showcasing the title, price, and square metre of each property. Many people who dream of owning a home, yet find it an unattainable fantasy, indulge in ‘doomscrolling’ through real estate websites, an activity often referred to as ‘real estate porn.’ This artwork taps into that fantasy, constantly updating with the latest real estate near you. Unlike endlessly scrolling through images of luxurious homes, it presents only a brief description, sparking your imagination about the rest.