From 24/07/2024 to 28/07/2024

Proem – compilation of prologue / poetry / ensemble
Curated by Ece Manav


Artists: Öykü Özgencil (TR, NL) – Yasmin Alt (DE) – El Méchin-Angot (FR, DE) – Melike Beşik (TR) – Dilara Koz (UK, TR) – Elif Bayram (TR) – Ela Mete (TR) – Lena Becerra (ARG, IT) – Miranda Holmes (USA, DE) – Max Adams (BE) – Erro & Vincent (BE)


Things tingle the mind; while walking around, crossing the bridges, passing by vibrancies, silence, feeling a resonance. Maybe it’s Maybachufer, or somewhere else…

Our living spaces, street corners, things that are already there, habits and patterns; those that are yours, those that aren’t. Common routines that look like and get to be experienced by you or another, although that is shared and embraced by dozens passing by. The wall you lean your back on, the tree you wait under its shade, the bench you crouch on. Those who are not involved in routines, those who are the observers, those who pass by, whose faces seem familiar, things that are adopted or estranged, the wind and its smell, and others. Us.

(How) do we recognize those? “As if” what surrounds you has always existed, however you, me, we are the creators of all, catching from somewhere in time. The place where the stone you throw flies, falls, and frightens you. The stability of the temporary, the continuity in its echo.

The existence of a snapshot, then there comes the acceptance of it.

Proem is an attribution to our individual and collective memory, in pursuit of realizing the rhyme that some non-verbal pacts and minor stories create, on the very speculative ground of the metanarrative. Proem is to see and to remember.

FREYAalt creates a meeting hub for five days from a corner where they are both a host and a guest at the same time; to explore potential new laws of gravity that might be born and to listen to voices and narratives about movement.


What does the ash form when it clumps?


Proem by FREYAalt; will weave its own story, just as it was written in the apartment in Çukurcuma, Istanbul through the clash of many motivations and hearts coming together, and just as how the street of GlogauAIR creates itself all over once again every moment; while influencing its surroundings and keep on building its own culture, as one.


Vernissage: 25.07 6-9 PMpage1image12172112

There will be a program of workshops, performances, curator tours, listening sessions, talks, an art market, and community gatherings along with off-exhibition happenings that are soon to be announced prior to the exhibition. Please follow FREYAalt’s announcements for more details.