Showcase // Suyi Xu

From the 11/06/2024

until the 18/06/2024

Through a visual language of organic shape and linear structure, Suyi Xu creates a dialogue between form of architecture and wonder in nature. Her paintings are contemplation on space and interior that morphs into meditation on light, color field, and formalsit flight of fancy. The Dome, 2024, takes the format of tryptic to play with the visual logic of linear perspective. The two side rooms suggest a stable horizon line, where the depth of space is indicated by a descending vanishing point. In contrast, the central panel disorients the viewer’s position by presenting an aerial view of the dome. Light streams down from the dome’s invisible heights, and form dissolves in favor of the magical spell of light. The subdued palette gives a sense of soft-focus, liminal state between dreaming and waking. If you soften your gaze enough several images can be seen at once.The works are apparitions from the light of the mind’s eye.