Showcase // Marcos Kaiser Mori

From the 04/06/2024

until the 11/06/2024

Untitled, 2024

Marcos Kaiser Mori studied sculpture, music technology and instrument making in Brazil and the UK. For this residency he chose to focus on the traces of history left on this building, part of a school complex designed by the architect Ludwig Hoffmann. The architectural details lost to years of existence and the wear inflicted by countless occupiers play a lead role on an attempted reconstruction of a classroom within the same rooms that once housed these voices, borrowing for the characterization of the space the text of the novel “Jakob Von Gunten” by Robert Walser, where a creeping oblivion slowly wins over body and matter.

In this hazy environment created by Walser, the corridors may confuse themselves, and entire rooms may cease to exist, so the artist recreated maps and blueprints to navigate the building