Showcase // Elisa Pardo Puch

From the 18/06/2024

until the 25/06/2024

Untitled, 2024
Pencils and seeds on silk
51 x 12 cm

Elisa Pardo Puch creates installations combining drawing, text and textile sculpture.
Her work deals with themes such as transformation, the unconscious, desire, memory and the construction of narratives. She does this by linking autobiographical elements, experiences and emotions, generating narratives through which we can connect with the other. Pardo Puch works with techniques that allow her to proceed in an intuitive, repetitive and meticulous manner – such as drawing or sewing. She seeks and extends these moments of repetition and insistence with the use of geometry. The grid, the careful line, the measured and exact perspective are common in her work. Through these physical processes, in the trance of her own making, Pardo Puch finds a self-absorbed distance where ideas emerge, conceiving the process itself as a form of channelling. During her six months in GlogauAIR she worked with fabrics, drawing on them and creating textile pieces combining industrial and organic materials.