Elisa Pardo Puch


Elisa Pardo Puch’s work often links autobiographical elements with the historical and social present and with the space that contains the pieces.

The artist works with techniques that allow her to proceed in an intuitive, repetitive and meticulous manner – such as drawing or sewing – and uses the tension that arises between industrial elements and artisanal procedures. Through different formats, he explores the potential of disposable and poor materials to think and create from their own connotations, inverting or deactivating certain automatic associations between the material, its use and its desirability.

Thus, Pardo Puch seeks out and extends these moments of repetition, of insistence, which often occur with the use of geometry. Common in his work is the grid, the careful line, the measured and exact perspective. In these physical processes, in the trance of his own making, Pardo Puch finds a self-absorbed distance where ideas emerge, conceiving the process itself as a form of channelling.

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