Isu Kim

South Korea

Isu Kim was born in 1991, Seoul. From 2009 to 2014, she studied the visual communication design including graphic design, illustration and film at Hongik University in Korea. After graduation, she worked as a designer for few years, and she left for Berlin. Starting with the group show ‘What the eyes don’t see – Taktkunstprojektraum’ in Berlin and ‘The small but big pleasure – Choijungah Gallary’ in Seoul, she has begun to concentrate on her own artwork using the technique inspired her design basis background. The main motive of her work is to find the inherent images in her own world and assemble them in the limited frame and space. Her works include painting, installation, video and gif image.

The latest series ‘COMPOSITION’ is an abstract painting which is mixed with various pieces that consist of the basic components of the figure like line, shape and colour. She focuses on making the new composition with selected pieces considering the balance and conflict between them. Isu calls this action ‘Self-discipline’ not only to visualize her imagination from the context in unconsciousness but also remain her mind clear eliminating the visual elements which are accumulated her memory.

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