Bas Ketelaars


Is nature a place, a comprehensive system or an ideal? Living in an highly urbanized society I became interested in the problem of representing nature. Nature that is unreachable and far away but also everywhere around us. Where does culture stop and nature begin, or is there a real difference anyway?

With the tradition of romantic landscape painting in mind, I’d like to start with my own experience of walking through empty landscapes and translate this experience to the contemplation of objects. I’m interested in the means of both photography and drawing: the interchangeability of the technical with manual labour to create images where different systems are not so much opposing each other, but producing an image together.

Foundation Wo Meine Sonne Scheint

Where light creates space.

In 2013 in the city of Rotterdam (NL) I founded, together with Beatrijs Dikker, the Foundation Wo Meine Sonne Scheint. Our goals are to stimulate the development of artistic concepts and to support artists in making and showing their work. We organize site-specific residencies in various locations that result in a group exhibition. We are a platform that emphasizes the artists’ practice. We foster artistic experiment and encourage the development of new working methods. WMSS is an integral part of my artistic practice.

Our last project Tireless Line will be continued in Berlin.

GlogauAIR Project
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