Yang Inhee

South Korea


<ATTACHING & DETACHING> project consist of three parts of Beijing (RED GATE RESIDENCY), Shanghai (STUDIO GALLERY) and Berlin.

I live and work in China who is South Korean. I have been in Beijing for studying at Tsinghua University and working at Huan-tie and Hei-qiao studio from 2006 to 2012. And living in Shanghai from 2012 to now. Recently I living in Shanghai and Seoul. I have a map of diary through living and working everyday in China during 12 years. Including the other country cities which are Frankfurt Germany in 2006.

Using diary try to make the map that is going to the trip of PAST World. By the way, I try to drawing about tension of the time that is changing or not the neighbors and by myself in the same place of Germany (not the Berlin city but I remember to Germany’s deep cold sensibility feelings). In addition to I try to meet now and the last time was by myself. That is return to attaching and detaching.

Finally, the project’s significance is telling my future about the fear and weak’ s emotions. Also I hope to meeting of the new neighbors in Germany.

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