Lily Baldwin

United States

Lily Baldwin is a multidisciplinary filmmaker, artist, and performer, known for her compelling and intricate narrative forms. She creates with the hopes of waking people up to new truths.

Baldwin combines her deep love of dance and film to craft stories with dreamscapes (nonverbal visceral storytelling), inviting people into provocative conversations with stories and themselves. She sources recent personal experiences in the disability world to highlight how rampant and destructive ableism is, while investigating our own internalized ableism.

“My work explores permanence, technology and intimacy as a means to expand the relevance of dance as we’ve known it. I’m a sucker for genre mashups and hybrid forms. Imagine a heady cocktail of Anne Carson and David Lynch, bespoke suits, neon cut-out one-pieces, rawness, esoterica, and the wabisabi shelfscape of my end-of-week fridge. I collaborate with artists to cultivate loud and subtle virtuosity. Ultimately, I’m committed to using a language we all speak that doesn’t lie: body.”

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