Eva Fajcikova


In my work I oscillate between two main themes. The figural, inspired by mythical origins, mixed with European/Japan folklore and religion combined with study of the sublime, set in ancient forests of dark and dangerous flora and second, enviroments or topos of videogames, specifically platform games and its archetypes, such as forest, ruin, cave or portal depicted in individual “levels”. What connects these two themes is fascination by symbols as a signifiers for the world beyond, the occult, otherworldly or exotic.

My work process starts with reading books, burning incense or playing games to breathe in the atmosphere and get in the mood. Screenshots, scraps from fashion magazines, photos from everyday life and sketchbook excerpts then proceed to the sketching phase which is done mostly digitally with dabs of traditional drawing. I work mostly with oils on paper, which allow me to achieve the effect of watercolour with combination of more textural parts, the result being slightly dimensional and haptic. Finishing touch is done with neopastels and pencils.  I do combine the techniques with acrylic mediums, airbrush, pastels and many more, the most important for me is the journey to the final piece, and the form is a mean to the end.

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