Fiorella Bassil


My artistic practice has progressed in a way that the research aspect mainly focuses on exploring and dissecting the various sociocultural issues that revolves around our society. I am interested in creating work that revolves around subjects such as identity issues, gender inequality, sexuality, environmental issues, technology and how these relates to human perception.

As time passes, I have noticed that I have become less and less attached to the established beliefs and understandings that I used to have growing up. Questioning the ideologies of this structured society, such as religion, evolution, and educational systems, has awakened my curiosity on how these aspects can have possible limitations on our sensorial capacity to perceive the world around us.

As a result, my research during the past year has evolved in a way that the main focus is to better understand the sources that create perceptions that can lead to a negative impact in such issues. Some example include how language influences the way we see colour, and how the perceptions that we have of colour can create inequality between genders.

My current work covers an ongoing exploration of different theories explaining the conditioned mind caused by the structure of our society and how this can limit our vision of the world. Practices such as Buddhist meditation and Neurotherapy are also subjects of interest for my research as it has shown the capacity of the brain perceptive apparatus to be altered in a positive way.

By understanding the above, I intend to integrate these findings into my artistic practice with the purpose of generating new perspectives in the audience in a way that could potentially lead to a positive change in social attitudes.

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