Ewa Kubiak


My artistic work explores the relation between textual and visual messages. Through creating visual narrations I examine the extends and limits of language and image; write/say what I cannot depict visually and depict what I cannot describe with words. My work is also about storytelling. Through a strategy of experimentation and working with varied techniques I’m mostly inspired by simple, ordinary views and occurences which I approach in a very analytical way and thus deform what was the starting point. Detail is very important to me.
The subject I’m recently interested in and which I incorporate in my artistic practice is the power of illusion and the role of scenography in creating a fantasy. Although my PhD dissertation, which I’m currently working on, oscillates around deconstructing the fantasy created by scenography in the movies, I don’t necessarily equal scenography only with film settings, but with everything that can be considered a setting. Even a painting can be in fact a background to whatever is happening in front of it.
I’ve always been interested in places and spaces that try to tell me a story and all I have to do is complete the plot.

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