Maria Paz Bascuñán


When observing the created fabrics, we appreciate a work where various materials and structures are combined and intertwined. Each work goes beyond the traditional limits of an art work and challenges the viewer to reconfigure preconceived ideas and expectations. The art works invite us to enter a border area, where the rigid daily schemes are put into tension.
Paz works with natural fabrics and investigate the idea that all identity is fragmentary and is made of pieces that are woven together to form a whole that never remains fixed. She investigates the act of doing and undoing as a metaphor for our own cultural trajectory. To unravel what has been done is to establish the attempt to return to an original and complete state of things, the denial of time and its destruction. Under this idea she re-signifies the concept of territory and its manifestations, represented by unwoven forms in tension with metal pieces, as an instance of encounter, a threshold that does not limit the possibilities, but rather enhances and amplifies them. It becomes an ambiguous terrain where different threads coincide and intermingle. Like the fabrics where the different threads that come off, overlap and cross from one end to the other to form a fabric that reveals the hidden framework behind the illusion of uniformity, reflecting in turn, with this act of doing and undoing on the internal and external process that affect our emotions, decisions and movements. Paz configure a threshold where the traditional temporal and spatial conceptions of observation dissolve, it is possible to observe a simultaneous construction from different corners and with different orientations, shaping a dialogical vision, where different voices converge and syncretically shape the discourse.
Paz’s works invite us to undo and redo the multiple pieces that are sewn to our being, closely observing that syncretic fabric that makes us up and of which we are a part.

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