Camilla Marinoni


At the heart of my work, there is an intimate and personal tale about the social and spiritual aspects of daily life and which, inevitably, turn into experience.

The body, wounded, looked after and eviscerated, immersed between the finitude and the expected, is the starting point and topic that emerges in my studies. It tries to be a stimulus, a reflection on the meaning of our existence.

I studied sculpture, but the creative process also manifests itself through different artistic expressions: from installations to clothing, from painting to video clips, from sculpture to performance arts.

Depending on the project, I choose the material best suited for its development, though I have a special liking for thread (doilies and fabrics) and for the earth (ceramic), two archetypal elements that express a female feeling of patience and dedication.

Softness and hardness, delicateness and strength are elements that alternate one with the other, grazing each other and forming a contrast that expresses the essence of each human being. The materials, stretching across the surfaces and creating the artworks, move the thought from one end to the other, making someone think about the bond between the world and the people.

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