Bob Landström

United States

Bob Landström, a matter painter in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, probes into the intricate dialogue between science and art, with a profound nod to physics and metaphysics. The Earth itself is his painting medium, and in particular, pigmented crushed volcanic rock. This unique technique imbues his works with a rugged, almost geological texture, where each grain of rock is individually colored before being affixed to the canvas, creating a topography that invites tactile exploration.

Landström’s compositions resonate with echoes of ancient glyphs, reminiscent of those found in cave art, interwoven with snippets of mathematical formulae, fragments of poems, and impassioned ruminations. Through this textured palimpsest, he explores the interconnectedness of human experience across time and space, where layers of meaning converge and diverge like currents in a cosmic stream.

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