Jit Seo

South Korea

As an artist, I create, arrange or transform my own viewpoint and language into regular patterns. I create a new combination by uniting the surrounding environment with abstract forms. This arrangement provides new experiences that flexibly interact with the audience.

My work is based on an unreachable and distant world: the world of colour and especially fantasy. I say that the secret of life lies in retaining ideality or fantasy and that only dreams can grant us meaning and order to an absurd and evanescent life.

Life is eventually ‘loss’. If you strip it down, life is an unpredictable sequence of loss and torture and we live while constantly losing something. Being born in the world is to be born with death, thereby ultimately leading to death. Although we struggle to live day by day, vanishing is the final point we will get to. We are small entities in the universe and in front of nature. Life is so harsh and relentless.

Only fantasy and ideality make life precious to live in this transient world.

The world of colours is a romantic fantasy that grants the meaning of life and those who indulged in the illusion follow starts rather than shabby land. I would like to share sympathy with other people by creating a single world through conversation with colours.

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